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MIUI Pure Mode: – In September 2021, Xiaomi started testing a new feature called “Pure Mode” in MIUI. The main purpose of “Pure Mode” is all applications or games can be installed after the Xiaomi security audit. Today Xiaomi’s announced, Pure mode is a new installation mode, which will limit the installation of applications that have been reviewed by Xiaomi, and can effectively prevent misclicks and misuses. Risks caused by actions such as operations or the installation of unknown applications, protect the user’s application installation security.

MIUI Pure Mode

Xiaomi has passed four program screening procedures: virus detection, privacy detection, compatibility detection, and manual review. There are currently two ways to enable pure mode:

Method 1: Go to “Settings” > Pure Mode in the upper right corner of the installation page, and click the “Enable Now” button to enable it.

MIUI Pure Mode

Method 2: When installing an app that has not been reviewed by Xiaomi, click the “Enable Guardian” button on the installation interface to open it.

What is Pure Mode
Pure mode is a brand-new system installation mode by Xiaomi, which can effectively prevent the installation of risks or unknown applications caused by misclicks, misoperations, etc., and protect your application installation security. This mode can be turned off at any time, you can choose to turn on or turn off this mode.

MIUI Pure Mode
MIUI Pure Mode


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