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Xiaomi unveils MIUI 13 alongside with Xiaomi 12 Series launch. MIUI 13 hasn’t made a huge leap forward as MIUI 12 did in comparison to MIUI 11 in terms of features. MIUI 13 seems to have fixed the bug in MIUI 12 Enhance and added some more features to the existing specification. The core of MIUI13 is smoothness. The focus of the new system this time is also on solving user pain points instead of adding new features. Another core focus of MIUI13 is privacy protection like Face recognition verification, smart watermarking for document recognition, and telecom fraud protection have all been upgraded. MIUI13 redesigned the font. MIUI13 is equipped with a new dynamic microscopic crystalline wallpaper, and the internal widget system has also been upgraded to provide more in-app functions or more personalized customization.



MIUI 13 focuses on fast and stability, and the fluency of head applications and 23 system applications has been significantly improved. In the latest Master Lu fluency test, Xiaomi ranked first Mi MIX 4 is better than competing products in terms of application residency, and its ageing rate is less than 5% for 36 months. These optimizations benefited from breakthroughs in the underlying core technology of focus computing, liquid storage, and atomic memory.

Security and Privacy

The highlighted feature of MIUI 13 is the focus on privacy. In the past, MIUI launched a series of privacy features. Now MIUI 13 brings face verification protection, which allows apps to capture only the head area during face verification. The second new, function is a privacy watermark, which can quickly add a watermark to the certificate, which is dedicated to special purposes. The third is electronic fraud protection, MIUI can bring system-level fraud protection and the official warning also has a logo and you can safely connect to incoming calls. In addition, MIUI also has a transfer risks hint.

Aesthetic Design

MIUI 13 brings a new system font called “MIsans”. It’s also equipped with a new widget system and it has designed many practical widgets with more than 30 head developers. MIUI 13 also has many personalized widgets and personalized signature components. Under the hood, MIUI 13 Xiao Ai also has a virtual image, and users can also customize the image and voice. In addition, MIUI won the Global Design Award Grand Slam in 2021.

MIUI 13 for Pad

Xiaomi is also launched MIUI 13 for tablets. MIUI 13 Pad makes multi-tasking more effective like free windows, supports zoom, drag to open small windows, drag and drop freely to change the size or adapt to the size, drag the taskbar to enter the small window and so on. In terms of accessories, MIUI 13 Pad adapts the task keys of the Xiaomi tablet keyboard, supports multiple shortcut operations and a combination of shortcut keys, and restores some shortcut keys on the desktop.

MIUI Family

MIUI also brought MIUI family series including MIUI Watch, Home, TV, etc. In personal scenarios, mobile phones and tablets, smart wearables can realize MIUI applications, photos, hotspots, Verification codes, navigation, music, sports data and other information seamlessly flow. To facilitate the management, Xiaomi also launched the Wondershare Center, which can display all devices linked to the mobile phone. Music and videos can be played between different devices by dragging and dropping. Application streaming also supports quick push. MIUI also provides stickers to dress up different devices, which is convenient for users to distinguish quickly.


MIUI brings MIUI Home. The smart speakers with the screen in MIUI Home will take on the central role. It can be clear to the smart devices of the whole house, operating or setting smart device linkage, Supports thousands of Mijia devices. The speaker can also become the notification center of the family, and can also link the family members to support quick calls within the family. MIUI Home supports all 8-inch screen speakers, which will be launched in mid-January.

MIUI 13 First Batch

MIUI 13 will roll out globally in Q1 of 2022. Here is a list of mobile phones that are part of the first batch of MIUI 13, which will be the first to receive the MIUI 13 update.

Xiaomi Mi 11 UltraXiaomi Mi 11Xiaomi Mi 11iXiaomi Mi 11X ProXiaomi Mi 11X
Xiaomi Pad 5Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEXiaomi 11 Lite NEXiaomi 11T ProXiaomi 11T
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Redmi Note 10 Pro MaxRedmi Note 10 ProRedmi Note 10
Redmi 10 PrimeRedmi 10Redmi Note 8 (2021) Redmi Note 10 JE
MIUI 13 First Batch List

MIUI 13 Wallpaper

MIUI 13 Wallpaper


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