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Everyone can like Xiaomi phone, but even Xiaomi users don’t like MIUI sometimes because it has too many problems, even my personal experience with MIUI has been worst. MIUI 12 users face many issues like bugs, UI suddenly stops responding and much more but Xiaomi launched MIUI 12E last month in China where Xiaomi tried to fix all the problems. Now, there is some image floating on the internet that looks similar to MIUI with few changes and new things added. As per rumours, it’s MIUI 13 screenshot. According to reports from various sources that quote, Xiaomi is currently actively testing MIUI 13 which is in the final stages of testing, and some screenshots of the beta version were leaked out. From the screenshots, it can be judged that the design style of MIUI 13 has changed significantly and it looks more refreshing and concise. The search bar is still located at the bottom of the phone. It supports Xiao Ai’s voice assistant (in China) or Google Voice Assistant (Globally). The change is in the smaller components such as the icon design, shortcut assistant etc. have been expanded as widgets.


On the system side, MIUI 13 supports virtual memory fusion technology, using free storage space to provide mobile phones with 2GB to 3GB of virtual memory for running background software and helps in multitasking. The memory fusion technology, it’s also not a new technology. Already many brands in China are using such technology, leading to Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and many more. Offering the largest virtual memory capacity is ZTE, which can provide 12GB+8GB memory fusion to get 20GB of memory. It needs to be noted that memory integration has higher hardware requirements. Turning on this function may slow down the running speed. Therefore, it is not recommended for users with large memory to turn it on. The mobile phone with less than 8GB of memory is more obvious when it is turned on. According to Lei Jun’s previous comment, MIUI13 is expected to be launched at the end of this year, to optimize the basic user experience as the starting point.


MIUI 13 will be inspired by Apple iOS 14 and iOS 15, with features like floating widgets and customized notification management for specific scenarios, at least the screenshots are suggesting that. It’s not new that MIUI trying to copy iOS. MIUI 13 will try to fix all the problems of MIUI 12 and is expected to bring smoother animations, new always-on display (AOD) design, new themes, new camera UI, improved power management, better privacy and more. It is expected that the device that will get the Android 12 update will definitely get the MIUI 13 update as well.

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