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Samsung Electronics announced the launch of the One UI 4 beta program for Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones. As of now, One UI 4 Beta program will be launched in China, India, Germany, Poland, South Korea, United Kingdom and the United States. These are the feature of One UI 4.

One UI 4

Home screen

– Both the design and function of the home screen widgets have been improved to make it easier to check more information, and you can also get recommendations for widgets that are useful to you.

Widget Customization on One UI 4

Lock screen

– You can easily change audio output devices such as headphones and speakers on the lock screen, and control functions are provided according to the music app you are using.

– A voice recording widget is provided on the lock screen, even without unlocking the phone. You can record your voice.

– A monthly calendar is displayed in the calendar widget so that you can check important events on the lock screen.

Always On Display

– You can set the Always On Display to turn on whenever a notification is received.

– New animated stickers are provided.

Quick setting window

– The layout (individual notifications) has been improved for easier viewing of notifications, and sound notifications and silent notifications have been consolidated into one section.

– The brightness adjustment bar in the quick setting window is enlarged, so you can easily adjust the screen brightness.

Dark mode

– Backgrounds, icons, and illustrations are automatically dimmed to keep the overall consistency and comfort to the eyes.

Charging Effect

When charging starts, different charging effects are visually provided depending on the power, so you can intuitively check the difference in charging speed.

One UI 4 charging animation

Samsung Keyboard

– You can conveniently input emojis, GIFs, and stickers by pressing one button on the keyboard.

– Combining 2 emojis and adding animation effects to express your emotions or feelings more richly.

– Animated stickers are provided to make the conversation more enjoyable.• Added ability to check spelling and grammar when writing English (Courtesy of Grammarly).


– Tip When you open the app, a preview video that briefly explains the Galaxy features is displayed, allowing you to check the various features of the Galaxy at a glance.


– You can customize the apps that appear when you open the Share panel, swipe left or right to quickly switch between the list of apps and the list of people you want to share with.

– Added an easy fix when sharing photos that are out of focus or out of frame.


– The layout of the camera screen has been streamlined so that you can enjoy the shooting moment even more, and it has been improved to display only the information essential for shooting. The Scene-by-Scene Optimization feature of Photo mode remains the same, but the button is only visible at night or when scanning documents, and settings for Portrait and Night mode have been improved to be more intuitive.

– Lens and Zoom: The lens button icon has been changed to a magnification indicator to clearly show the current zoom magnification, and a “1x” button is displayed for modes that only support wide lenses, allowing you to easily zoom in and out of the screen.

– Recording a video without missing a desired moment: Unlike the conventional method where you have to press the button and release your finger to start recording, video recording starts immediately when you press the button, so you can capture all of your precious moments without missing them. In photo mode, press and hold the button to start recording video, then drag it in the direction of the lock icon to continue recording even if you release your finger from the button.

– Single Take: An additional shooting time function is provided to capture precious moments longer, and the shooting option setting menu has been improved more intuitively, making it easier to select the desired content.

– Pro/Pro video: By grouping various manual setting items with similar functions, the design is more concise, and when the vertical/horizontal guides are turned on, a level is displayed to prevent the screen from tilting during shooting.

– Enhanced scanning function: A magnifying glass is provided for fine editing after scanning a document, and when scanning a QR code, the user can select and execute the desired option according to the type of QR code.


– A preview of the video is displayed on the story cover, you can play the highlight video by pressing the preview, and you can see where the picture of the story was taken on the map.

– Various options are available to make sorting albums with many photos more convenient.

– When you open an album, the album cover is displayed at the top of the screen.

– Suggested search terms have been improved to make it easier to find photos and videos, and a search term is also provided.

– Remastered photos can be reverted to the original at any time, even after saving.

– You can edit the date, time, and location of photos and videos.

Photo/Video Editor

– Add fun emojis and stickers to your photos and videos.

– You can create a video collage by selecting various images and videos from the gallery.

– A light balance option has been added that allows you to adjust the contrast, shadows, and highlights of a photo like natural light.

– The editor has been improved to make it easier to control the highlight footage.

– You can easily return the edited video to the original at any time, even after saving.

– You can cut out any part of a photo, such as a face, pet, or building, and attach it to another photo.A function that can be added has been added.

AR Emoji

– AR Emoji can be used as a profile for contacts and Samsung accounts. You can choose from over 10 poses or even take your own funny look.

– A new AR Emoji sticker that only shows your face has been added. You can decorate your photos with stickers and share them with your friends.

AR Emoji Studio on One UI 4

– You can create a fun video of AR Emoji dancing. You can quickly find and select a template you want with hashtags such as #Hunjam, #Cutie, #Party, etc.

– You can create AR Emoji’s costumes by drawing them yourself.


– You can pin the window options menu to the top of the pop-up window and use it conveniently when you need it.

– You can easily zoom in or zoom out the Picture in Picture (PIP) window with your finger.

– The design has been changed so that the screen in use is not blurred when the Edge panel is opened.


– Added Safety and Emergency menus to manage emergency contacts and safety information in one place.

– The search function has been improved so that you can find the settings you want right away when you need them, and related functions can also be recommended depending on the search term.

Digital Well-Being

– Added a driving monitor function to help you focus more on driving, so you can see how much you use your phone and which apps you use while driving.


– The background color of the dual clock widget is changed to match day and night according to the set city time zone.


– In the quick add area, you can add events more quickly, and the search function and layout have been improved to make it easier to find events.

– Today’s events and monthly calendar are displayed on the home screen widget.

– You can create shared calendars and invite other Galaxy users.


– You can check various content such as photos, videos, and web links directly from the search results of the Messages app.

My files

– The search function is provided so that you can find the file you want even if you enter a part of the search term incorrectly.

– The Recent Files area has been expanded to make it easier to find recently used files.

Samsung Internet

– The design has been improved to make it easier to check real-time search results or search suggestions while entering a search term in the address bar.

– A search widget is provided that allows you to search for what you are looking for right on the home screen.

– If you used secret mode before, Samsung Internet will automatically run in secret mode the next time to protect your personal information.

Samsung DeX

– Improved app compatibility, allowing more app screen resizing.

– You can set the touchpad scrolling direction as you like in DeX settings.

– Battery and security issues are displayed on the main screen so you can quickly identify and fix issues.

– The overall status of your phone is displayed as an emoji for easy identification.

– You can run the self-diagnosis function of Samsung Members directly from Device Care. When you have a problem with your phone, running a self-diagnostic can quickly determine the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

Samsung Health

– The tab layout at the bottom of the screen allows you to easily use the desired functions.

– You can see your profile, weekly breakdown, badges, and highscores in the My Page tab.

– When selecting gender, you can select “Other” or “Do not reveal.”

– You can invite friends to a team match by sending a link.

– More snacks to choose from on the food tracker.

Bixby Routine

– Routines can be started under more different conditions, such as during a call or when a specific notification arrives.

– More complex tasks can be executed with routines, such as battery setting options for increased speed.Not only that, there are various ways to connect and disconnect Bluetooth devices.

– You can change the order by long-pressing the action on the edit page, and there are also advanced options to wait for a certain amount of time before starting the action, or to let the user confirm it.

– Restrictions on condition and action combinations are removed, allowing routines to do more.

– You can use images from your camera or gallery to create custom icons for use in routines.


– Move the mouse pointer to a corner of the screen to immediately execute a specific action.

– You can adjust the screen contrast and size at the same time in screen modes such as high contrast and large screen.

– Select the floating button at any time for quick access to accessibility features.

– You can select various screen options according to your needs, such as reducing transparency and blur, or making the screen darker.

– Notifications can be colored differently for each app so you can quickly see which app sent the notification.

– The Magnifier window has been integrated into the Zoom menu, allowing you to zoom in on screen content in more ways.


– You can check at a glance which apps are using sensitive permissions such as your location information, camera, and microphone from the permission usage status, and you can immediately revoke permissions for any app that is slightly insecure.-

– When an app uses the camera or microphone, a green dot appears to the right of the status bar displayed, so you can immediately know which apps are being filmed or recorded without your consent. You can temporarily block camera and microphone permissions for all apps in the quick settings window.

– You can manage apps that use location information more precisely. For apps that don’t require your exact location, such as a weather app, you can use the service by sharing your approximate location.

– You can set to send a notification when other apps access important information such as passwords and credit card numbers when it is copied to the clipboard.

Privacy on One UI 4


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