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– Vivo V1 ISP will launch next month and Vivo X70 series will be the first to use Vivo V1.
– The development of Vivo V1 lasted for about 24 months and more than 300 people worked in the research and development team.
– Vivo V1 will help improve Portrait, Night Scene, Anti-Shake and Video.

Today, Vivo held a technology innovation media communications meeting where Vivo Executive Vice President Hu Baishan elaborate the strategic roadmap of Vivo technology innovation. Hu Baishan confirmed in an interview with the media that Vivo’s first self-developed imaging chip is named “Vivo V1”. The development of this chip lasted about 24 months. More than 300 people participated in the research and development team. The Vivo X70 series model which will be launched next month will be equipped with this self-developed chip for the first time.

Hu Baishan said “V1 is an integrated circuit chip with a special specification. It is a concrete landing of the Vivo chip strategy. In the overall imaging system design, the V1 chip can simultaneously serve the needs of users in image applications such as preview and video, “. Hu Baishan also revealed a lot of information about Vivo V1, he explained what is the purpose behind developing Vivo V1 and how V1 will help improve Portrait, Night Scene, Anti-Shake and Video in Vivo Mobiles. 

Hu Baishan said that only when there is a strong demand for customized chips on the core track, and the chips on the market cannot meet Vivo’s product planning and technical planning, will it consider co-fixing IP with partners. Furthermore, he said “Vivo’s chip layout will be mainly developed around four long tracks, which are design, imaging, system and performance” 

Hu Baishan said about Portrait, Night Scene, Anti-Shake and Video
It said ” It is not only to bring the improvement of intuitive image effects but also to bring user experience and emotional resonance. As long as we continue to invest resources and lead the industry on the four long tracks that have been insightful and clear, We will do better and better to meet the needs of high-end people, and Vivo’s brand will be recognized by high-end users. In-depth insights and meeting user needs are the core competitiveness of the future mobile phone industry. Design-driven is Vivo’s methodology to do this. We often ask ourselves three questions: ‘What can we change? This can this change bring new meaning to users? Is this change achieved in a simple, perfect, and elegant way?”



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