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• Yesterday, Vivo Executive Vice President Hu Baishan confirmed that the Vivo V1 ISP has been developed and will be used in the Vivo X70 series during technology innovation media communications meetings.

• Today during media interaction, Vivo’s executive VP confirmed that the Vivo NEX next-gen phone will arrive in the first half of 2022.

• It is an early rumour that Vivo NEX 5 will be Vivo’s first UDC camera smartphone and it will look similar to Vivo Apex 2020.

Vivo Nex 5 concept

Yesterday, Vivo Executive Vice President Hu Baishan confirmed that Vivo’s self-developed ISP Vivo V1 is ready for use and the Vivo X70 series will be the first device to use it, during technology innovation media communications meeting. Today Hu Baishan again interacted with the media and this time he confirmed the rumours about Vivo NEX 5, as reported by “MyDriver“. Furthermore, Hu Baishan confirmed that “from next year’s NEX series phone will launch every year”. There were rumours that “the next phone of Vivo NEX will launch in the first half of 2022” and now it’s confirmed but he did not specify whether it will be Vivo Nex 4 or Vivo Nex 5, although there are rumours that the next NEX series phone will be called Vivo NEX 5.

Vivo Nex 5 concept

Vivo Nex 5 (expected specifications)

Vivo NEX 5 will feature a 6.78-inch LG OLED display with a waterfall display, under-display camera, resolution of 2844×1280 and refresh rate of 120Hz while touching sampling rate 360Hz. Vivo Nex 5 will be powered by Snapdragon 898 (SM8450). Vivo Nex series always launch with some innovations like waterfall display, pop-up camera, In-display camera and more. This time it’s expected Vivo Nex 5 will behave new camera setup. It’s expected, that Vivo Nex 5 will be the first smartphone that uses Samsung GN 1-inch sensor, 130° IMX768 (improved version of IMX766) ultra-wide-angle, a periscope telephoto lens and a telephone lens with the ZEISS certified. Some other features will be it’ll support wireless flash charging, IP68 certified.


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