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Vivo started recruiting engineers with one million annual salaries. Vivo self-developed chip “Yueying” has surfaced on the recruitment stage. The information shows that Vivo has recently released many chip-related recruitment positions. Among them, the annual salary of chip directors from ISP is as high as 1.44M CNY to 1.8M CNY. This position requires more than 10 years of ISP image processing algorithm and design-related work experience. The main job responsibilities include the organization of related teams and technical planning following the company’s planning strategy. 

Vivo has been conspiring to make cores for many years. In an interview with the media in 2019, Executive Vice President Hu Baishan said that Vivo began to think about deep involvement in chip SoC design very early. Vivo had already launched a plan to recruit a large number of chip talents and established a larger scientific research system. Also in September 2019, Vivo submitted two-chip trademark applications, namely “Vivo SOC” and “Vivo chip”. The product categories covered by these two trademarks include central processing units, modems, computer chips, and printed circuits. A series of processor-related products such as computer storage devices.

Just last month, Blue Whale TMT learned from the supply chain that Vivo’s first self-developed chip will be launched soon, with the internal codename “Yueying”. Accelerating the promotion of self-developed chips is also considered by industry analysts to be the only way to form differentiated competitiveness and impact the high-end mobile phone market. According to IDC, Vivo’s mobile phone sales have consistently ranked first in China for two consecutive quarters.

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