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We may’ve argued Twitter’s tweet system that can only support 280 words but like many users reported to be longer support.

For this time around, Twitter had introduced many features like- Spaces for a "Live content" alternative although they are launched a big project like "Twitter Community" that people and users are used to by using facebook.

Twitter is actually focusing on many rated features like close friends circle with the name of “Twitter Flock” where an user can create a community type thing but with small numbers of member.

Twitter circle.

Although Twittet may introduce “Twitter Circle” where we can create broad members of a community with following each othet or not.

Edit tool of Twitter circle.

And now, Twitter will definitely do a great thing with the writing materials. They heard, and now Twitter released “Articles” Tab as a beta and it’s still in development.

Article tab on Twitter.

Let’s see how we can used to it.


Fardin Islam


A boy who only writes things that other people may not like. Human being but logic is still in place. trukania asuransi asuransi terbaik asuransi KTA asuransi mobil asuransi rumah asuransi prudensial trukania

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