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The device was launched a few days ago, on October 19.  A few days later, Google delivered the devices to several pre-orders.

The Pixel 6 Pro users have faced a number of display related issues from October to November.

Although not all display issues, Google has promised to fix flickering issues like “Display Residual Light”.

Not only that, Google is going to take a number of subtle steps to make the display curve and also a big 6.7″ large.

Flickered photo via 9to5 Google.

Next month, in December, Google will send an OTA update related to solving such flickering issues.  Not just display issues, there are also various un-stability issues.  This is the first time that Google Tensor chipset has been used in Pixel 6 Pro.

Although it is Google’s own chipset, there are several reasons why Android is not open-source and Android 12 is not optimized yet.  The question is, has Google thought of anything to solve this problem?

The answer may be “Yes, they did.”  Unstable system and several bug fixing related OTA updates may come soon.

The display issue of Pixel 6 Pro will be fixed via OTA update!

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