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Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced humanoid robots during the company’s AI event on Thursday. Tesla unveiled a humanoid called the “Tesla Bot”, it will use the same AI systems that help power the company’s car Self-Driving system. Tesla’s purpose for launching this robot is to replace humans with tasks that are highly repetitive, dangerous or boring.

Tesla Bot

Tesla bot is about 1.7 meters tall, weighs about 110 kilograms, can lift 40kg of heavy objects and can move at a maximum speed of 8 kilometres per hour and its face will be a screen that displays important information, the use of lightweight materials throughout the body, the hand can achieve “human hand level “Operation. According to Musk, the bot head will be fit up with the autopilot cameras used by Tesla’s vehicles to sense the environment and will contain a screen to display information. It will be equipped with eight cameras to feed into the neural network that Tesla has developed for its Tesla Full Self drive (FSD) software.

Tesla Bot

The neural network emulates the functions of the human brain in as much as it allows the vehicle to analyze its surroundings via cameras and determine what it needs to do when it encounters obstacles by identifying and labelling different routes and images. In Tesla’s vision, this robot can achieve voice interaction. For example, if you tell the robot, go to a convenience store to help me buy something, and the robot will buy it. The CEO Elon Musk said the company hopes to develop a prototype for the robot by sometime next year but didn’t give a specific deadline for the prototype’s release.

Tesla Bot

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