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Sony Vision-S: -Today morning at CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show 2022), Sony Chairman, President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida demonstrated its Vision- A new prototype of the S concept electric car, and it was announced that the Sony Group will establish a new division-Sony Mobility Inc., which will begin commercializing its electric cars. Sony Mobile” to be responsible for the commercialization of electric vehicles.

Sony Mobility | Image Credit – Sony

On the CES Sony conference booth, the company displayed the existing Sony Vision-S sedan released at CES last year, as well as a new model-the “Sony Vision-S SUV” prototype.

Sony Vision-S
Sony Vision-S | Image Credit – Sony

Before showing off the prototype of the new Vision-S SUV, Yoshida said: “After showing the Vision-S (last year), we were very excited. This prompted us to further consider how to bring creativity and technology to another place, changing from one place to another. Another place of experience. This is our new Vision-S SUV. Vision-S is developed based on safety, adaptability and entertainment. In creating a comfortable mobile experience, safety has always been our top priority This has not changed when this SUV was made. A total of 40 sensors were installed inside and outside the car to monitor safety conditions.

“In terms of adaptability, we have connectivity that allows us to build an evolving vehicle. It can also personalize the cabin for each user. Through 5G technology, a high-speed, high-capacity, and low-latency connection can be achieved between the in-vehicle system and the cloud. VIsion-S also develops mobility as an entertainment space. Yoshida said “Including game experience and audio. Through the exploration of VIsion-S and the partners who support this action, we have learned more about mobile. “

Sony Vision-S
Sony Vision-S | Image Credit – Sony


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