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Sony Xperia Pro 1: – Like every year this year also, Sony launched a new smartphone in the second half. For the past few years, Sony launches phones twice a year, with the first smartphone Sony launching the mobile phone at MWC at the beginning of the year and the second smartphone in the last months of the year. Recently a new Sony Xperia smartphone has passed the China quality certification, which model number is XQ-BE72, and there were rumours that it would be the “Sony Xperia 5 III”, but it may be nothing more than just rumours. Leaks surfaced today (via Japanese SNS) that confirm that Sony will be launching the successor to the Sony Xperia Pro which will be the Sony Xperia Pro 1, along with this, Sony will also launch Sony VR, Sony Vlog Monitor and Sony Tripod. Some days ago, Sony announced that they held a launch event on 26th October. We have a high-quality render, poster and some information of Sony Xperia Pro 1, Sony YR headset, Sony Vlog Monitor and Sony Tripod.

Sony Xperia Pro 1 with Vlog Monitor

Sony Xperia Pro 1

In 2020, Sony launches the Sony Xperia Pro that gave a tough time to DSLR in terms of camera specifications, image, video and UI. The reason behind this is that Sony made Sony Xperia Pro for professional and in this Sony used Sony Alpha Series Camera UI which gives almost the same experience to the user and provide a lot of options for photography as per their need. Now, Sony will launch Sony Xperia Pro 1 on 26th October and it is going to give a very tough and tenacious time for DSLR and its competitors. Sony Xperia Pro 1 will use a 1-inch camera sensor, which people are excited about. We can call the Sony Xperia Pro 1 the “Sony Magnum Opus” yet. The design of the Sony Xperia Pro 1 is very similar to the Sony Xperia 1 III, where the top and bottom bezels are identical and fingerprint placed on the right side. On the backside, quad-camera places where the primary camera has 1-inch sony sensor, ZEISS Tessar T* camera along with variable aperture of F/2.0 & F/4.0 and 24mm wide-angle lens. The other features of Sony Xperia Pro 1 will be eye AF, pupil AF during shooting, Eye hybrid image stabilizer and videography Pro mode. Sony Xperia Pro camera UI was similar to the Sony Alpha series.

Sony VR headset will also launch tomorrow alongside Xperia Pro 1. The Sony VR headset is compatible with Sony Xperia III, Sony Xperia 1 II for now. The wide viewing angle of the VR headset is 120 degrees. It supports 8K HDR and 360° VR video playable. The cool thing that makes the Sony VR headset special is that you can also use it on optical eyewear and just move your head left and right to move the cursor. Sony will also launch Sony Vlog Monitor and Sony Tripod that are dedicated to Sony Xperia Pro 1.

Download Sony Xperia Pro 1, VR, Vlog Monitor Render and Poster


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