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ISOCELL GWB : Samsung has announced that it’s developing the first ISOCELL camera sensor to support RGBW color filters arrays and it’ll be called ISOCELL GWB. The Vice President and head of R&D of Samsung Electronics China confirmed in a webinar held by Techno and mentioned that ISOCELL GWB is the most eye-like image sensor.

From the perspective of sensor technology, the RGBW color filter array is equivalent to a sensor technology equipped with four-pixel points of red, green, blue and white. The purpose is to ensure that more light enters the CMOS through the color filter of white pixels based on the traditional RGGB, to obtain higher imaging brightness. In this way, even in low-light environments, it can effectively reduce noise, improve color accuracy, and obtain a purer image.

It is understood that the Samsung ISOCELL GWB sensor is jointly developed by Samsung and Techno, which means that Techno will launch this sensor for the first time next year, but it is not exclusive. It is expected that other manufacturers will have the opportunity to use ISOCELL GWB in the future.


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