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According to official news from Samsung Display, Samsung QD-OLED Technology which began mass production at the end of November 2021 has obtained SGS certification. QD (Quantum Dot) display is a display technology that can present more colors in the existing technology, and SGS says that it can richly and accurately present the colors in nature, allowing users to enjoy clear and bright images in any position and any angle.

According to SGS results, QD Display’s color reproducibility (color gamut that can be displayed at a specific brightness) is more than 90% based on BT2020’s color gamut, and QD Display’s color volume (color gamut that can be displayed according to the brightness of the screen) is based on The DCI-P3 has a color gamut of 120% and is certified “True Color Tones”.

Samsung QD-OLED Technology
SGS Certification

The relevant person in charge of Samsung Display said: “When the BT2020 standard is applied, the color gamut of existing TV screens is mostly around 70%. When the DCI-P3 standard is adopted, the color gamut is also lower than 100%. QD Display is a product with obvious image quality advantages. product.” When displaying the three primary colors of RGB (red/green/blue), QD Display was rated as “a display that can present primary colors more accurately without loss of brightness”, and obtained SGS’s “Pure RGB Luminance (Pure RGB Luminance)” )” certification.

In addition, QD Display has obtained the “Ultrawide Viewing Angle” certification from SGS, and when multiple people watch it, you can get a good picture quality experience in any position. It is worth mentioning that according to media reports, Samsung Display will vigorously promote the smart display category in 2022, and will add a large number of smart screen products, requiring all channels to pay attention. It is expected that Samsung will launch the highest-end flagship smart display of the 9 series at the end of the first half of the year, which mainly has more advanced functions in extension functions and systems, and focuses on the “quasi-PC concept”. In addition, LG seems to be targeting this area, launching a small 42-inch OLED TV at CES.


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