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Samsung HDR10+ Gaming: – Samsung Electronics announced today that 4K and 8K TVs and all its gaming monitors in 2022 will support the new HDR10+ GAMING standard. Samsung plans to cooperate with NVIDIA to showcase 4K and 8K games based on this new standard at CES 2022.

HDR10+ Gaming is a new standard proposed by Samsung at the developer conference at the end of October this year. Its core includes three features, namely variable refresh rate, automatic HDR calibration and low-latency source tone mapping. Among them, the automatic HDR calibration is an extension of the features proposed by HGiG. The core feature is to allow the display panel to submit its parameters to the signal source to truly restore the image without additional manual calibration.

Samsung HDR10+ Gaming

The introduction of the low-latency source tone mapping function is to ensure that the tone mapping step will not bring additional delay to the game when playing HDR games. For end-users, you need an NVIDIA RTX30 series, RTX20 series or GTX16 series graphics card with a compatible display device to enjoy the HDR10+ GAMING standard. Nvidia will launch a driver in 2022 to allow the aforementioned graphics card to support the HDR10+ GAMING standard.

The competitor targeted by HDR10+ GAMING is Dolby Vision, which has just recently expanded its layout to the game field. After the Dolby Vision standard has been upgraded to include games, Microsoft Xbox has taken the lead in joining this ecosystem.


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