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In the 5th annual Samsung Foundry Forum 2021(SFF 2021), Samsung revealed the latest process progress and roadmap of 3-nanometer SoC (3nmSoC), and 2-nanometer SoC (2nm SoC) based on the company’s Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor structure.

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Samsung Roadmap

The potential of the FinFET transistor structure has almost been tapped. Samsung’s next step is to surround the gate with GAA, Multi-Bridge-Channel FET (MBCFET), which is essential for continuing process migration. The 3nm process is divided into two versions. Among them, 3GAE (low power version) will be put into mass production in early 2022, and 3GAP (high-Performance version) will be mass-produced in early 2023. Compared with 5nm, Samsung’s new 3nm GAA can reduce the area by 35%, increase the performance by 30% under the same power consumption, and reduce the power consumption by 50% under the same performance. The 3nm’s logic yield is approaching a similar level to the 4nm process, which is currently in mass production.

Samsung GAA

The 2nm process did not appear on the public roadmap, but MoonSoo Kang, senior vice president of Samsung’s foundry market strategy, revealed that the 2GAP process will be mass-produced in 2025. This is the first time Samsung has revealed its 2nm process plan, but Samsung also warned the progress of the new process will depend on the customer’s planning and deployment. It is speculated that 2026 may be a more reasonable time to see Samsung’s 2nm process products on the market.

Samsung 2nm SoC

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