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About many years we had seen many Redmagic devices with many unique features. Like the gaming trigger and the higher refreshrate display.

Live image of Redmagic 7
Redamagic 7 poster.
Front look of Redmagic 7

Though, it’s supposed to feature many of these on their successor. Like that, Redmagic 7 is one of these smartphone which will consider as a pro gaming device obviously. But here is twist for that actual model. Like many rumors supposed to believe us, Redmagic 7 may feature 165 Watt charging feature.

Leaked live image of 165Watt charger

Yes, it’s 165 Watt. About 2 years past, OnePlus was famous for their 65 Watt charging feature. And now, the fast charging technology reached like 100 Watt plus. We can say, it’ll be the fastest charging device in the commercial market.

Postet of past event.

Not only that, Redmagic 7 may featured 1061361 score in AnTuTu benchmark. Although, it’s likely to the Moto Edge X30’s CPU score. Let’s see what will happen.

Like always, Redmagic may feature 100% P3 Colour gamot for their display. Redmagic 7 could also feature 4,500MaH battery and it can charge up 50% in magical 5minutes.

Like a ideal gaming device, Redmagic 7 may also equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 18 GB ram and 64 megapixel main camera sensor.


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