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Sound Quality is really nice and I’m able to identify certain instruments which i couldn’t (sometimes) while using boAt earphones. ANC works as advertised, it reduces the noise of ACs and Fans – other sounds in house – to a point when listening music you forget about them. On ANC sound is really crisp and good. Bass is damnnn awesome.Bass Is great, sufficient for any bass lover. Realme link has a bass boost mode !

Using Realme link app – can adjust between ANC <-> Normal mode <-> Transparency – easily. But, sometimes Bass Boost+ mode makes some songs vocals – slightly different – Use Dynamic mode for better Audio experience. Wires are really thick which’ll ensure that if you bend them a lot, they won’t break easily : but I wouldn’t advise doing it but build quality is very good.

Magnetic Earbuds works flawlessly, as soon as I take them apart they connect to my phone and music- chill. Transparency mode amplifies the outside sound so you can listen to carefully and beware of your surrounding. Battery Backup is enough because I don’t use it all-day and fast charging is there, so I don’t worry about changing speed ( 40 – 45 mins ).Battery life might differ from people to people.

By using the correct silicon caps on your earbuds, you can ensure that they don’t fall of ears while running or exercising. The band itself hasa lot of rubber like material which has ensure that it doesn’t fall – while you’re on your back and it stick to your neck. Call quality is good too – I checked as receiver of call also, Voices are clear and environmental sounds are reduced !

For the past week, I tested Buds wireless listening to music is dammn superb and I don’t know how much you will to buy, but i bought it for 1799₹ using offer – and it’s worth every penny I spent on it. This is individual review of Realme Buds wireless 2 – which us tested for a week


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