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When Nothing started, they branded them as a technology company.

Yes, they are, but they aren’t present everywhere most importantly in the smartphone sector.

Nothing is established by Carl Pei, the Co-Founder of OnePlus with his business mind and the sector.

But when Nothing launched there first product, it was a TWS called Nothing Ear(1) and this product is hyped like OnePlus’s past products. But here is a difference between OnePlus and Nothing, yes they are both technology brand but OnePlus is belonging to BBK Electronics, and according to Nothing’s official statement they don’t belong to BBK and they are independent of them.

Let’s talk about Nothing’s plan to launch a smartphone by 2022. Well, Nothing stated their brand as a lifestyle and wearable brand but in a recent situation Nothing got investment over 50million dollars from famous smartphone chipset vendor Qualcomm.

According to the partnership it’s confirmed that Nothing’s future smartphone wouldn’t feature Mediatek chipset-powered chipset at all. And as like Nothing Ear(1), the semi entry budget Earbuds/TWS, Nothing’s smartphone would be the same as the smartphone category and as like OnePlus, Nothing couldn’t like act like OnePlus, what we except them?

A budget-friendly device or mid-budget device or a higher mid-budget device or a semi-flagship device or the flagship device?

We don’t think Nothing will bring the flagship for the first time in the smartphone segment. And a company wouldn’t choose act like launch a flagship for the first time and hazard. No they won’t.

They will likely launch a semi-flagship or a flagship killer device.

By far there are no leaks and rumors about Nothing’s new smartphone yet. But these are our expectations from Nothing.

How about you, feel the thing?


Fardin Islam


A boy who only writes things that other people may not like. Human being but logic is still in place. trukania asuransi asuransi terbaik asuransi KTA asuransi mobil asuransi rumah asuransi prudensial trukania

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