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Nowadays Poco is a sub-brand from Xiaomi. This is the deal that we’re waiting in 2018 when first Poco Phone came out. Well time has changed, here are some more brands now to compete Xiaomi. And for that, Xiaomi launched Poco as “Sub-brand or Sperated brand”.

We all know how Poco brand is doing job in the market. For India, they have lots of planning. Because of that, they didn’t launch many of shitty Poco Phones here. But now they are planning to bring Poco Laptop in the indian market. Not only that, they have a plan to bring Poco AIoT products in India.

As they managed their smartphone segment, Poco will also do the same thing with their Laptop segment. As far as the leaks are came out, Poco Laptop could be a rebranded version of Xiaomi/Redmi’s Gaming laptop. Yes, they could unveil the gaming laptop, because of the “Poco” gaming name.

Redmi G

Now, Poco laptop could be the rebranded version of Redmi G laptop. G16B01W has been listed. And for it’s specs, it may have 3260MaH with 55.02Wh battery unit.

  • As for it’s specs, it may feature 16 inch LCD display with 144hz refreshrate. Also it’ll launch with Core I5-1120H which could feature 16GB ram and 512GB of internal storage(SSD). Also it’ll launch with Ryzen 7 5800 variant it’ll come with 8GB of Ram and 512GB of internal storage.

And yes, We know the relationship between Xiaomi and Poco. It’s rebranded, but if it would feature a great value then it’ll fridge the market for it’s price.


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