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Though it’s normal to see Redmi rebranding in Poco name. But, it’s supposed to say that, Redmi K50 Gaming would be the Poco F4 GT.

We see last year’s Poco F3 GT was the rebranded version of the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition. Or we can say, it’s the global variant of Redmi K40 Gaming. Yes, we’re talking about the fundamentals of Poco and Redmi branding and how they are managing their program.

IMEI listing.

Poco F4 GT is already IMEI certified. Because it’s spotted with model number- 21121210G that’s actually a model of upcoming Redmi K50 series. And we can expect that it would be the K50 Gaming Edition. Because of last year’s Poco attempt.

Leaked image of Redmi K50.

Xiaomiui had already covered it.
We can argue with the K50 Gaming Edition or Poco F4 GT’s specification.
Poco F4 GT may featute 6.67″ AMOLED Display with high refreshrate like 120HZ highest. It is’t outstanding. Because 120HZ is common in mobile department and as a gaming device Redmagic already offers 165hz although ROG AKA Asus had their 144Hz Gaming devices. Poco F4 GT might also feature cutout screen.

Redmi K50 official postet.

For gaming device, it’s important to talk about chipset and all those performance stuffs.
Like last year, Poco used Dimensity 1200 in their Poco F3 GT and consumers aren’t count it as a ideal gaming device. But this year Poco or Redmi is planning to release their gaming centric device with also the mediatek chipset. This time it would be the new Dimensity 9000 which is actually incredible. It proofs it’s a powerful chipset by beating AnTuTu score compared to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.


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