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Such a design to look at a product, that’s how it takes a lot of research and development.

Like all companies, Google does the same.
In the past years we have seen different types of unreleased renders. I have seen some unreleased devices, but lately we have seen less unreleased prototypes.

However, a company should never base its product on just one prototype. Well, Google is nothing exceptional here again.

A new news of Hyped Pixel 4 series unveiled in 2019 has come during the period of Pixel 6 series i.e. in 2021. In fact, nowadays any previous hyped thing means it is a hot topic. Well, what’s the new leak in the Pixel 4 series that has created hype again?

Originally, live images of some unreleased prototype products of Pixel 4 have been leaked. In a recent tweet, Mishaal Rahman shared a prototype of several unreleased Pixel 4, where he said the prototype has a curved embossed panel.

Leaked Photo via- Mishaal Rahman.

Since Team Pixel introduces us to the Curve Display on an actual Pixel smartphone through the Pixel 6 Pro, the curve display on that Pixel 4 in 2019 is quite interesting.

Although it is not possible to be absolutely sure by looking at the pictures, in fact that unreleased prototype of Pixel 4 had a curved display or the 2.5D curve had the same edge as the Pixel 2/3.

There is also a backshell design on the front and back of the unreleased prototype.
Where it had a back panel similar to the normal Pixel 4XL. However, the retail unit has flat panels.

No matter how many such leaks come, now the time has changed, there are 2 updated series. Now the Pixel 4 series is out of production. However, if a leak of a hype series comes even after 2 years, it will really seem to us as a hot topic.

Another front look. Via- mIshaal Rahman.
Pixel 4 concepts, that you missed that time.

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