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OPPO unveiled its MagVOOC magnetic flash charging technology at the China International Smart Industry Expo 2021. Oppo introduce three concept products that are “MagVOOC magnetic wireless power bank”, “MagVOOC Ultra-thin portable magnetic charger”, “MagVOOC vertical magnetic wireless charger”.

The Oppo MagVOOC Ultra-thin magnetic charger innovatively adopts the split design of the transmitter coil and the main board, which not only makes the transmitter base lighter and thinner, but also prevents the heat generated by the main board from being transferred to the phone, thereby reducing the impact on the charging rate. OPPO said that the MagVOOC magnetic wireless power bank is equivalent to the “external battery” of a mobile phone. By adding a magnet to assist in alignment, the problem of difficult alignment of the wireless power bank is solved.

OPPO MagVOOC Magnetic Charger supports AirVOOC 20W wireless charging. It’ officially claimed that it can fully charge a 4000mAh device in 56 minutes. OPPO MagVOOC magnetic wireless power bank is compatible with the Qi standard, supports 20W wireless charging and 10W wired charging for mobile phones, and can be charged with 4500 mAh in 2 hours. OPPO MagVOOC vertical magnetic wireless charging supports 30W for Oppo Find X3 and support 40W Oppo Ace 2 and can automatically switch to silent mode at night.


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