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Oppo Retractable CameraOPPO has announced a new technology and also shared an accompanying video called retractable camera technology. Oppo is not the first brand to introduce retractable camera technology, almost a year ago Xiaomi has already introduced it. Oppo retractable camera technology will be displayed at the OPPO INNO World Conference, which will be held on December 14. According to the video which is shared by an official, OPPO’s rear retractable camera technology is not only waterproof but also supports drop resistance.

Oppo Retractable Camera ( via : Oppo)

Oppo retractable cameras have a 1/1.56-inch sensor, has F/2.4 and a focal length of 50 mm. The video shows a camera that comes out of the module — similar to the one we see in point-and-shoot cameras — and then descends in its original position. While there is no information about the working of the camera, it is speculated that this might be used to offer optical zoom capabilities.

Xiaomi Retractable Camera Phone

Last year in November, Zeng Xuezhong, president of Xiaomi’s mobile phone division, announced that Xiaomi has successfully independently developed a retractable lens technology. Xiaomi telescopic lens has a large aperture, and the amount of light is increased by 300%.
– The introduction of new anti-shake technology, the picture is more stable
– The sharpness is increased by 20%

Xiaomi Retractable Camera Phone


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