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OPPO held a future imaging technology conference to share the latest content in imaging. OPPO said that there are three requirements for image based on brightness, clarity, and color. Many image technology development cycles related to hardware are more than 18 months. OPPO introduce the four technologies of RGBW sensor, continuous optical zoom, five-axis motion image stabilization, and under-screen camera.

Oppo Event

RGBW Sensor

OPPO uses a brand-new pixel arrangement with an additional W signal. This technology was actually carried on the R7 Plus as early as 2015, but it is not perfect, which will cause color cast and moiré problems. These problems have been solved in this generation of technology. It integrates OPPO’s self-developed four-in-one pixel algorithm and DTI pixel isolation technology. Compared with the previous generation technology, the amount of light is further increased by 60%, and the noise is reduced by up to 35%. Support Take clearer and brighter photos in low light conditions. And for the first time in the industry, the self-developed image algorithm is written into the sensor hardware, which allows the algorithm to run and calculate in the sensor in advance, thereby saving a lot of computing power on the processor side. Thereby, the image processing efficiency is effectively improved, and the power consumption is greatly reduced.

RGBW Sensor

Continuous Optical Zoom

At present, the relay telephoto design of multiple cameras is popular, which will cause various problems such as jump, white balance, and cropping. OPPO has redesigned and modified based on the periscope structure and launched a new Continuous zoom technology: It uses G+P (2GM+5P) lens technology for the first time. The introduction of two aspherical molded glass greatly improves the light transmission performance, which can help filter out stray light, effectively reduce dispersion, etc.; tunnel magnetoresistance The TMR sensor can support more stable and precise control of the movement of the lens group; the new guide shaft structure greatly improves the dynamic tilt angle during the long-stroke movement of the lens group, and supports high-magnification continuous lossless optical zoom. Thanks to these improvements, the technology can support continuous optical zoom equivalent to 85mm-200mm focal length, without digital cropping to achieve clear imaging at every zoom point from portrait to telephoto.

Five-axis Motion image stabilization

OPPO has already equipped R9s Plus with optical anti-shake before. Now OPPO has introduced hardware-level five-axis motion anti-shake for the first time, which solves the problems of rotation and displacement. OPPO’s five-axis motion anti-shake The highest anti-shake angle can reach ±3°. Compared with common lenses, the OIS anti-shake capability is increased by 65%, the anti-shake accuracy is increased to 3.5 times, and the film formation rate is increased by 70%. This technology is expected to be officially commercialized on OPPO mass-produced products in Q1 of 2022.

Under Display Camera (UDC)

the next generation of under-screen camera technology, the under-screen camera will be affected by the amount of light, so higher requirements for the algorithm are put forward. OPPO has developed a set of under-screen AI algorithms for this purpose, which has greatly improved the imaging quality of the under-screen camera through functions such as diffracting, defogging, HDR, and AWB. OPPO has also become the first manufacturer to participate in the International Electrotechnical Commission’s under-screen camera technology standard specification.


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