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2022 is a foldable year. We already know why foldable phones exist. That’s why some of the smartphone brands are actually looking forward to it. You may have already know, how Samsung lead that thing. Well, there are some “OTHER” brands though, they are trying to make foldable. But now, Oppo will be taking the risk.

It’s been a while since the Oppo Find N or Oppo foldable phone’s details got leaked. We’re much hyped about it. Not only that, Google might be doing the same, but they just miss this with postponed partition. Yes they cancel their foldable smartphone’s parts deal. Well, but Oppo will unveil something new. This year we saw Oppo Rollable smartphone, which is still a prototype but that’s future proof. For a certain time, we thought Oppo could call it Oppo Fold or something like that. But nope, they will literally call it Oppo Find N. Their flagship- “Find” series will get “N” model now

But the question is how will be the Oppo Fold AKA Oppo Find N?
This question is good though. For a foldable smartphone, it’s too hard to reach good quality thing. We see a lot of Samsung stuffs here, like their Z Fold series and the mighty Z Flip seires. They are trying to give us the best foldable smartphone experience right now. Yes, it has still many hassels but it is what it is. This amount shows, people the technologies behind Samsung Foldable. But how Oppo could do better or same this time.

  • Oppo Fold AKA Oppo Find N could be the Oppo’s first foldable smartphone.
  • This seems like, Xiaomi is doing their job in Foldable sector. Although there are some brands like- Motorola, TCL and Royale, but they are not perfect. Oppo is a consumer brand, they could make their product for consumer usage what actually Samsung do. Wherever Xiaomi launched their Mi Mix Fold, but it’s Chinese only smartphone. However popular Tipster- Digital Chat station tipped that, Oppo Might launch their N series very soon. For that Weibo post he was used Oppo N3 smartphone’s picture.
Oppo Rollable smartphone.

Talking about it’s specs, well Oppo might feature a 50 Megapixel Sony iMX 766 sensor which is exclusive for foldable. We see some 50Megapixel Camera champs like Mi 11 Ultra, this is still one of the greatest camera at this time. But for a foldable smartphone Oppo could go with this.

Not only the camera, Oppo Find N could feature 7.8-8.0" OLED display(outer) with the rifreshrate of 120hz. Also Oppo could go with 2k(1440p) resoulation this time around. Let's see how Oppo could manage the traffic of their products. And how they could do something good, existing their's competition.

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