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After a long time, the special edition OnePlus device has arrived globally, again in the Nord series.

For which device has the special edition arrived?  The special edition came mainly for OnePlus Nord 2.  However, the teaser OnePlus has been coming to their social media handles including Twitter and Instagram for a long time.

Well, this is the first Gamified user interface in the OnePlus Nord 2 × PAC-MAN Edition.  Well basically they have customized the original Oxygen OS like the Pacman Edition which includes yellow color management, new icons and new yellow phased notification panel.  Although this interface will come as the core for that device.

Just Like OnePlus 8 Cyber Punk Edition.  Says OnePlus’s Zhang. 

OnePlus Nord 2 PAC-MAN Edition.

Not only the interface of Pac-man edition but also it has PAC-MAN 256 game pre-installed.  It will also have PAC-MAN edition based color filter and more Oxygen OS customization.  Including OnePlus Static, Custom Animation and several other common features that are not included in the original Oxygen OS.  The PAC-MAN edition will bring this device with its own OnePlus Journey.

Like other special editions, it will be a limited edition item.  Its main specs will have the same specs as the Same Normal OnePlus Nord 2.  For example, Dimensity 1200, 90Hz Amoled display and 50 megapixel Imx 766 main sensor with 65W charging.  Although everything is known, the price is not known. 

OnePlus Nord 2: PAC-MAN Edition is basically a 12 / 256GB 8 variant priced at Rs 36,999 / $512.  Where the price of the normal OnePlus Nord 2. starts from the same 12 / 256GB – Rs 34,999.  Basically for PAC-MAN fans and OnePlus product users it can be a good deal in terms of price.  Which includes several PAC-MAN based customizations.


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