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Change of year means change of trends in Smartphone Market. Team EqualLeaks ran a number of polls and surveys on its telegram channel, @equalleaks, a few weeks ago to gain a quick overview of the shifting public sentiment.

Smartphone users from India and outside India regions, including smartphone reviewers from different countries, were the part of the survey. Here is what we can conclude from those surveys.

Which Android smartphone brand people prefer the most under the sub Rs 30K segment?

In the very close contest, Xiaomi had grabbed the top position with 23% votes, followed by Samsung with 22% and Motorola grabbing the 3rd position with 16% votes.

Although the winners of the first and second positions were predictable, the third place finish was unexpected, since Realme and OnePlus, the winners from the previous year, lost a significant amount of their votes to Motorola, which remained relatively dormant in 2021.

This demonstrates that consumers have evolved past the usual brand value thinking and now appreciate quality and good value products more than brand value.

Moving on to the next section of polls, now we have a poll regarding the Most loved smartphone brands. 

Which is the most loved Smartphone brand?

With 21% of the vote, it should come as no surprise that Samsung is the most loved smartphone brand. Followed by Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco together receiving the next-highest share of votes, securing 18%. Apple, despite being the Premium only brand, grabbed the third position with 16% votes.

On the other hand, even if we combine all of BBK Electronics’ smartphone brands, they are unable to outperform Samsung’s vote share. It demonstrates a shift in the market’s attitude.

The push marketing approach of Xiaomi has now totally eclipsed the push and pull marketing strategy of BBK Electronics. .BBK Electronics must now craft their approach with extreme care if they want to reclaim a position in the top three blocks.

Read more about the Marketing strategy of BBK Electronics in the case study below.

BBK Electronics, the uncrowned king of Smartphone Market.

Moving on to the next section of polls, we have a poll about the most preferred Android Skins/ UI.

Which are the most preferred Android UI / Skins?

Google’s Stock Android grabbed the 1st position with over 50% votes, followed by One UI with 25% votes and COS/RUI/OOS with combined vote share of 11%.

Thanks to the integration of Oxygen OS with Color OS base code, the clean and fluid smooth Oxygen OS became irrelevant and lost its position of being the king of the OS industry.

The changing trend in this domain is proving the fact that consumers now prefer Clean, smooth, bug and lag free UI over funky UIs with lots of customization.

Additionally, consumers now have access to a wide range of Custom ROMs created by fellow developers that offer a pure Android feel and a tonne of customization options.

Moving on to the last poll of the survey, Rate your smartphone on the scale of 1 to 5.

How satisfied people are with their current Smartphone?

Almost 39% of people were partially satisfied with their current smartphone, and 28% of them were fully satisfied with their current smartphone.

By observing this trend, we might infer that a sizable portion of consumers don’t frequently switch devices.

Thus, we may draw the conclusion that consumers have become more savvy and now thoroughly research products before buying them and are aware of industry trends.

Which has caused BBK Electronics’ marketing plan to collapse miserably. And demonstrated the error of BBK Electronics’ decision to combine the Oxygen OS and Color OS base codes.


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