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Realme held a special event to announce the upcoming technology of the new Realme GT2 series. Among them, Realme GT2 Pro will be the first high-end flagship of realme and feature three world-first innovations. Realme announced the new features for Realme GT 2 Pro, which it claims are “world’s first bio-based materials, the world’s first 150° ultra-wide-angle lens, and the world’s first ultra-wideband free-switching antenna technology” in the smartphone industry.

Realme GT 2 Pro

World’s first biopolymer material with Master Design

In terms of design, the main design is the new design of a piece of paper. Under the background of carbon neutrality and climate change, modern young people prefer environmental protection, and environmental protection does not mean eliminating the charger. Realme GT 2 Pro features a minimalist design with a focus on sustainability, inspired by paper. Created by renowned Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, “Paper Tech Master Design” makes the smartphone the world’s first to be designed with bio-based materials.

The world’s first new sustainable material Sabic bio-based, homologous to paper, can reduce carbon emissions by 63%. SABIC’s biobased material has been approved not only through ISCC’s International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, but also to several stringent environmental regulatory standards such as REACH, RoHS and EPEAT. The new bio-based materials used by realme can with stand temperature, drop and other tests without reducing the reliability of the fuselage.

World’s first ultrawide 150° camera with fisheye mode

In the past, Realme launched Starry Sky Mode, Starry Sky Time-Lapse Video and Tilt-Shift video for the first time in the world. This year, Realme unveil the world’s first 150° ultra-wide-angle lens, referring to the design of the fisheye lens, bringing a wider viewing angle, and the viewing area has increased by 20% compared with 128° wide-angle and 278% compared to 84°. On this basis, realme has developed the world’s first fisheye mode of the mobile phone that has a strong perspective and long depth of field effect.

The Realme also features the world’s first fisheye mode for smartphones with the GT 2 Pro realme. In this mode it is possible to produce long-depth perspectives and effects. Through a wide field of view, the overall image becomes even more attractive

Innovation of the Future of Communication with Stable Signal and NFC 360°

The Realme GT2 series will also be equipped with a full-speed antenna matrix, the world’s first ultra-wideband free switching antenna technology, Wi-Fi network enhancement system, and Omni-directional NFC technology.gies: the world’s first ultra-wideband antenna switching technology (HyperSmart), a Wi-Fi booster, and approach communication technology (NFC) ) 360°.

Realme GT2 Pro supports 48 mainstream frequency bands, covering more than 150 countries and regions, 12 surround antenna design, four directions of the same signal strength, support free antenna switching technology, signal optimization for eight scenes, Realme GT2 Pro signal increase by 3dB, 5G weak signal lag is also greatly reduced.

As for the Wi-Fi network booster, a symmetrical antenna is designed to ensure a more balanced signal strength around the smartphone. In tests conducted by Wi-Fi adopts a symmetrical design, with a 20% increase in WiFi balance, support for enhanced WiFi6, dual WiFi network acceleration, 5G WiFi network overlay and other functions.

The NFC aspect is upgraded to an NFC three-antenna array, the sensing area is increased by 500%, and the single-sided sensing distance is increased by 20%. The realme GT2 series supports five types of functions: bus cards, bank cards, access cards, car keys, and ID cards, and supports smart card switching.

At the ending of the events, Realme confirmed that the Realme GT2 series will launch soon and also unveiled the retail box of the Realme GT2 series which confirmed that it will have a charger in the box.


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