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In order to compete with mini LED technology, LG today launched a new OLED EX technology. Compared with traditional OLED technology, this technology can bring up to 30% increase in brightness-this is also the biggest pain point of OLED panels today.

LG OLED EX | Image Credit – LG Display

LG stated in the press release that OLED EX technology can enhance the stability and efficiency of organic light-emitting compounds through the use of deuterium compounds and customized algorithms, so the overall display performance can be improved. At present, LG Display has successfully converted the hydrogen element in organic light-emitting materials into stable deuterium. This is the first time this compound has been applied to OLED panels.

LG OLED EX | Image Credit – LG Display

On this basis, LG also reduced the thickness of the OLED EX panel by 30%, and the width of the panel frame was also reduced from 6 mm to 4 mm. LG says it plans to start incorporating OLED EX technology into all its OLED panels starting in the Q2 of 2022.


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