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Looks like, Jio does a decent job accroding to their market position.

After Jio Phone Next, this is going to be their next Jio product?
Today, the new Jio Book has been listed in the Geekbench listing. A few days ago we saw different variant numbers of Jio Book, such as NB1118QMW, NB1148QMW and NB1112MM getting BIS certification. So from among them that NB1112MM number has been listed in the geekbench listing.

Geekbench score of JioBook

Well NB1112MM may have some low-end specs. In fact, it is doubtful whether it can be called a laptop. Because it is offering lower specs than modern smartphones.

Although Rumor has 2GB RAM, Android 11 and interestingly MT6788 chipset. So even though it looks like a laptop, it can’t do the job of a modern smartphone.

Also, according to the XDA report, the JioBook’s display may have HD + an LCD panel with an actual resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. It is also reported that it may use Snapdragon 85, Qualcomm X12 modem with access to 4G connectivity. Scores by single core- 1178 and Multicore is- 4246.

Leaked picture of JioBook.

Rumor also comes with two more JioBook specs. The two devices can have 4GB RAM, eMMC 5.1 storage and 64GB storage.
Now, JioBook will offer not only 4G connectivity but also various other connectivity features including WiFi, Bluetooth which includes some core Jio Apps like Jio Store, Jio Papers etc. The Jio Book will look just like a laptop and will work just like a basic level smartphone. However, like Jio Phone Next, it is better if they do not create fake hype.


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