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Some days ago, Bloomberg journalist and long time Apple tracker Mark Gurman in his newsletter tipped that, Apple’s first conference will be held in April where iPhone SE 2022 (iPhone SE 3) will be unveiled. Now, Xleaks7 has shared a render of the iPhone SE 3 which reveals the design and looks familiar. The render reveals that the design of the iPhone SE 3 will be similar to that of its last-gen, with rounded corners, large bezels at the top and bottom, and Face ID and selfie camera sensors.

iPhone SE 3
iPhone SE 3 | Credit : Xleaks7×TenTechReview

In addition, the renderings show that the back of the iPhone SE 3 will accommodate a rear camera, LED flash and Apple logo, and the back appears to be glass, so that wireless charging can be achieved. The power button and SIM card tray could be on the right bezel, while the volume rocker and mute slider would be on the left edge, and the lightning port would be on the bottom.

iPhone SE 3 | Credit : Xleaks7×TenTechReview

The iPhone SE with a full-screen design and excellent prices and performance ratio will surely be liked by many people. However, according to the predictions of analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone SE 3 is likely not to adopt a full-display design but will continue to use the appearance of the iPhone SE 2 and use the traditional style of the physical Home button. In the iPhone SE 3, there will be significant changes in the hardware configuration and it will support 5G, which the iPhone SE 2 did not support 5G. The iPhone SE 3 will be powered by 5nm+ Bionic A15 SoC, which supports 5G.

iPhone SE 3 | Credit : Xleaks7×TenTechReview

Various reports are floating on the internet about the price of the iPhone SE 3. The report suggests that the price of the iPhone SE 3 is less than $400, which is even cheaper than the price of the iPhone SE 2. Keeping prices low may aim to attract low-end Android users to switch.

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