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  • You might already know the actual situation of Huawei now. They launched their Harmony OS, although they updated it to version 2.0 but the fact is how Huawei can dominate the market?

They are still trying. But actually theybloat their position though.

Last year Huawei launched their 12.6″ Tablet with 60Hz rifreshrate and now the 120Hz of that 12.6″ tablet is spotted. It’s being said that, Huawei were made a 120HZ tablet but because of their supply chain were hanged up with traffic they planned to stick with 60Hz pannel. And now, they are ready to launch 120Hz Huawei Mate Pad Pro.

Not only that, It may feature Kirin 9000E for Wifi variant. Also it’ll come with 5G variant which is powered by Kirin 9000 5G. Kirin 9000E and 9000 5G, both are almost equally same but the main diffrence is in “5G Modem capability”.
Also, it could fetaure 512GB of internal storage(Highest). Which is capable to support Huawei’s NM(Nano Memory).

Leaked image of Huawei Mate Pad Pro.

With also, It may come with 12.6 inch big OLED display this time. And if bigger display have OLED pannel, then it’ll be a great thing. Samsung did the same before and now Huawei will do that. Talking about it’s display, it features 2650 × 1600 pixels and 5.6mm bezel. With 90% of screen to body ratio matching. It has over 1000,000:1 contrast ratio, DCI-P3 colour gamot and Delta-E colour accuracy about less than 0.5

As Xiaomi features many speakers in their Mi Pad 5 Pro, Huawei might feature 8 speakers which is tuned by Harmon Kardon with Histen 7.0 sound effects. Not inly that, Huawei committed to feature better microphone to operate. Also Huawei Mate Pad Pro could feature 10,050Mah battery with support of 40Watt wired charging 27Watt of wireless charging, with also 10Watt of reverse wireless charging support.


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