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A few years back HTC was a big name in the world of technology but now it is quite the opposite, in today’s time the name of HTC is probably heard. Nowadays, even if HTC does launch a device, it is either limited in some markets or priced higher. However, now HTC is entering a new market which is the VR headset market. Long rumours that HTC will launch a VR Headset, wow confirmed by the industry’s most trusted leakster Evan Blass. According to Evan, HTC is going to launch a VR headset called Vive Flow. it is going to be more portable than the previous Vive Flow 3. The HTC Vive Flow VR headset will launch on October 14.  

Now, we can see that the pictures show what appears to be an HTC Vive Flow VR. The new Vive Flow headset may have Golden Tinted Glass, which was based on HTC’s Project Photon Smart Glasses, a project that was shown in 2020. It can also be a Bluetooth SIG Certified VR AIO (All in One) headset. Also, the glass of this headset can be two foldable so that a user can conveniently fold it as per his need. Even a leaked photo shows the headset sleeping in bed later, revealing just how portable the headset could be.

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Also according to another leaked picture this headset can be connected to the smartphone. And it will have a USB port, through which users can cast screens very easily. The price of Vive Flow VR will be $499 and pre-order will start from October 15 via and shipment start from early November. Pre-order users will get 7 free VR content, 2 months infinity vista and free carrying case. 

HTC Vive Flow VR Price



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