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We all know that how Gcam ports helped us to bring maximum output from our smartphones camera sensors which were held with poor software processing.

Gcam helps us to use Pixel exclusive Google’s image processing system in literally any other android smartphone.

But the thing is nowadays it’s not easy to find a perfect gcam in which everything works fine. If we download and install any random gcam then most probably all features might not work, and images taken from it might look awful. Because one gcam port might not work each and every smartphone, various smartphones runs on various processors and software skins,so it is pretty hard to find or develop a single Gcam port to work in all smartphones.

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So now how to find a perfect Gcam port for your smartphones?

We are going to share two methods from which you can find a better gcam for your phone

  1. App method
  2. Telegram method

App Method

Head towards play store in your smartphone and search for the app “Gcamator”, else click here, install that application and open it.

Right after opening the app it will check your phone model and suggests you an appropriate Gcam for you, download the suggested gcam from download link provided in the app, do not leave the app until the completion of download otherwise download will be interrupted and you may have to begin the process from start.

Google Camera

After downloading , install that Gcam apk and open it, do some basics settings like turning on HDR+ enhanced and few other settings according to your interests.

All done you’re ready to rock Gcam in your smartphone

Telegram method

In case if you aren’t satisfied with the results from app mentioned above, then simply you can make use of telegram groups. Telegram as established as great platform to discuss, learn and share about tech gadgets.

Create a telegram account if you haven’t already, then search for your device discussion group, if your device is famous enough and has a great development support then those discussion groups will showup is search results

For example if you own a device called Redmi Note 7, then search for “Redmi Note 7 Gcam” or “Redmi Note 7 photography”, then select appropriate groups or channels and join in them

After joining in a group send the hashtag #gcam in chat (most gcam group admins would enable this bot code), then a bot will reply to you with a button for bunch of Gcams and xml files(checkout below screenshots for reference), here xml files means settings file, a file which contains all the necessary settings required to change in that Gcam app to make full use of it.

(Note: We aren’t promoting above shown telegram groups, they are just for the reference

Now from here you can choose around few sorted gcam ports and find a one as per your taste and preferences, also if you have any further doubts regarding gcam ports of your mobile then you can directly post them in those groups, those people would also help you if face any problems with gcam ports or you want to further tune the image quality.

Note: If you cannot find any groups for your device model then most probably that particular model might not have any great development or 3rd party developers support, so you might end up not getting any perfect gcam.


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