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Recently, the list of Huawei Harmony OS users has surpassed 120 million. From the official launch of the Harmony OS 2.0 version in June to the present, the Harmony OS improved itself and taking customer feedback seriously, not like Xiaomi. After the launch of Harmony OS 2.0, it officially started supporting as a mobile OS. Harmony OS was launched on June 29 this year, however, Huawei is upgrading all its devices and Honor devices (devices that were launched before splitting from Huawei) to Harmony OS. For now, you can call Huawei Harmony OS an Android fork, many reasons account for this. 

Harmony OS

Huawei Harmony has been launched and looks like it has two completely different OS and Huawei calls it “HarmonyOS”. Smartwatch version of Harmony OS which is based on Huawei Lite OS and is open source. Harmony OS is for phones and tablets that use the Linux kernel. Some of the reports suggest that Harmony OS is based on AOSP source code while some other reports also suggested that An “open Harmony” project exists with an actual HOS kernel, but it doesn’t currently run on any devices. Huawei smartwatch run over “Lite OS kernel”. Huawei even missed a few spots where the OS still said “Android.” 

Harmony OS( via – Adam Conway)

According to the roadmap, which had shared by Huawei at last year annual conference. According to roadmap- September 2020 – Harmony OS support 128KB-128MB RAM phone- April 2021 – Harmony OS support 128MB – 4GB RAM phone- October 2021 – Harmony OS supported all 4GB+ RAM Phone. But Huawei launched the Huawei P50 series, the first phone based on Harmony OS, in July 2021. Even in all devices that have more than 4GB of RAM, all of that also supports Harmony OS. Looks like Huawei launched Harmony OS too soon, so people call it an Android fork. But as per the roadmap, by October 2021 Harmony OS will be ready to support all 4GB+ RAM phones and we are in October 2021. Although, people can expect that the next version of Harmony OS will show some commitment and Huawei launch a true Harmony OS, not an Android fork.

Harmony OS TimeLine

At the annual conference organized by Huawei every year called “HDC”, where Huawei will launch Harmony OS 3.0, which is scheduled between 22th and 24th in October. Harmony OS 3.0 will see a huge leap over Harmony OS 2.1 in terms of features, mainly control centre, security, and system updates. The concern related to Harmony OS is that the power consumption becomes faster after installing, hopefully, Huawei will fix it.

Harmony OS 3.0

Control Center
• Optimize the interface display of the controlcenter

• Added Game Service Kit to be smoother in-game scenes


• Incorporate security patches to enhance system security, including bug fixes and improvements.

• Added new desktop icon size adjustment function.

• Optimize the system stability of some scenes to make your phone run more stable

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– “Do Not Disturb” filters notifications based on your current activities to help you reduce interference.
– The “Notification Bar” has been redesigned, and the new notification summary function will push notifications collection for you to check at the right time.
– The newly added “map” brings a new three-dimensional city experience and pedestrian navigation presented in augmented reality.

Harmony OS 3.0


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