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Few years back, Google was used to release their smartphone like very commonly and similarly compared to this year’s Pixel 6 series. Most of us hoped, Google may proof their introgression this time like what Apple do with their software. But, It just cracked. Many users report their facing serious and unusual bugs on their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Though, Google had realized their mistake and put trying to fix that via Update. But they failed many times until the January update came. Google supposed to fix many of those bugs one by one and that’s very good.

Google Pixel 6A coloring render.

Well so, Google Pixel 6 series’ new performer- Google Pixel 6A’s renders and leaks are floating.

Design Pipeline.
Design pipeline 2.

Though, this Color renders aren’t the main idea how will the device perform but, many tipster tipped, Google may upgrade the chipset from last year to this one. It’s usual and normal for a successor. But, are they use Tensor chip on Pixel 6A, it’s not clear.

Linkedin post by Mike Coutler.

At the same time, Made by Google is hiring or building a team in San Diego for camera facibg parts of Tensor chip. Shared by, Senior Director of Google on Linkedin.


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