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It’s normal to use cloud storage for a social messaging app. Well, WhatsApp isn’t as easy as Messenger chattings or telegram chattings that they had already saved our messages on their system. WhatsApp took time and it’s end to end encrypted, that’s why if you factory reset your device or delete whatsapp, then WhatsApp will no longer give you the same chats that you’ve past.

And for that, you’ve the choice to backed up. That’s why Google storage was played a important role.

Leaked developer preview.

Some time ago, a developer surface was leaked for cancelling Google Drice storage. Yes, Google may not be longer to give you the opportunity to save or backup your files. Though, you can backup maximun 2GB let alone 5GB. Because it’s the rule that Meta corporation may set.

Talking about 2GB free storage, you steel didn’t need bigger storage for backing up only messages. Though you can backed up your photos or videos but be careful and think about your storage this time


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A boy who only writes things that other people may not like. Human being but logic is still in place. trukania asuransi asuransi terbaik asuransi KTA asuransi mobil asuransi rumah asuransi prudensial trukania

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