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Recently, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Google infringed several home audio technology patents of the smart audio brand Sonos, including controlling home audio. Several patents, such as system settings, multi-speaker synchronization, independent volume control of different speakers, and stereo pairing of speakers, prohibit the import of some mobile phones, laptops and speakers produced by Google.


This also means that some Pixel phones, laptops and smart speakers (Nest Audio, Chromecast) and other infringing products by Google will not be imported into the US domestic market for sale. However, Google can implement changes 60 days before the ban takes effect, so it will not affect the sales of current products, but it seems that Google’s specific measures may be to remove the infringing functions using software OTA.

Google Nest

Many of Google’s electronics are made in China, including the latest Pixel 6 series of smartphones, the Home smart speaker, and more. Google is still accused of infringing dozens of Sonos patents. Google has been making targeted fixes on the software side since last year. For example, Android 12 has removed the Chromecast volume adjustment function that appeared in the first versions.


The official account of the Google Nest team also recently announced to the community, saying that due to a recent legal ruling, Nest sound groups can no longer use the group volume controller to adjust the volume, but need to adjust each speaker individually, and can no longer use The phone’s physical volume buttons change the volume of the speaker group.


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