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Google Ripple: -Google recently opened an open-source API standard called Ripple. The standard aims to apply Google-owned technology to hardware from manufacturers other than Google, including cars, and Ford Motor has already joined the standard. An official spokesperson said that Ripple will unlock technological innovations that can benefit everyone.

Google Ripple

the Ripple standard is not owned by Google. It was proposed by the CTA, the organizer behind the CES conference. But Ripple’s data on GitHub is full of Google’s imprint, including numerous Google-owned copyrights and patents. So much so that Ripple looks like a vest for Google’s “standard radar API.” None of this makes it any less exciting that Soli radar may be getting new life, and there may be something to the idea that radar has privacy benefits. It’s a technology that can easily detect whether someone’s present, nearby, and/or telling their device to do something without requiring a microphone or camera.

Ford told the media that Ripple may become part of its driver assistance technology. At the moment, Ford claims to be using “advanced external radar” to achieve the same effect. Ford believes that a standard API is very helpful for semiconductor industry participation because it allows manufacturers to develop software with less reliance on hardware, allowing software teams to effectively innovate on different radar platforms.


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