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In 2022, seems like Google is working on UI elements and some tweaks. Since Android 12 launched, some of the UI tweaks.

Well, there being said Google is actually dropping some cool looking UI. As like Material You design theming. They are actually able to give us whole system customization. As like you want your system, whatever colour it is, it doesn’t matter. But Yes, Almost many years have passed since Google didn’t change their main search potential bar. I meant search. Google had done many tweaks with this search bar before, as like Google lens intrigration and although they had added voice search here. But now, they are planning to do UI changes, as like they will change their search bar situation. Not at top, but in the bottom, you can find Google search bar. As many of you were remember, there is many people who like the bottom operating stuffs. As like browser control. We know Google didn’t give the opportunity in their Chrome browser but thing should be happen soon.

Old search bar location
Google’s new search bar location. Via- Mishaal Rahman

Although, Google messages 10.8.260 adds message nudges, that may help you to remind which message require a reply or which is important for you. Also, those message will be appear at top of the UI list.

Google nudges via- Google News
Google nudges via Google News

Here is the APK link-


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