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5G Speeds: Ookla recently announced the 5G network speed report for the third quarter of 2021. The average downlink speed of the global 5G network is 166.13Mbps, which is significantly lower than the 206.22Mbps in the same period last year.

5G Speeds

In the third quarter of 2020, Norway is the country with the fastest 5G network speed in the world, reaching 549.02 Mbps. However, in the third quarter of 2021, South Korea is the top 5G network speed, with an average 5G network speed of 492.47Mbps. If you take the city as a unit, then the fastest 5G network speed is Seoul, South Korea, with an average downlink speed of 530.83Mbps.

Ookla said that the current global 5G network is still in its infancy. Although the downlink speed of 5G networks in many countries exceeds the ITU’s IMT-2020 target (100Mbps), the performance of 5G networks varies greatly among different cities in various countries. In terms of upload speed, the global 5G network is annihilated, and no 5G network anywhere has reached the IMT-2020 target (50Mbps).


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