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HTC Technology VR Box

HTC is now entering VR market, will launch its HTC Vive Flow VR on 14h October

A few years back HTC was a big name in the world of technology but now it is quite the opposite, in today’s time the


Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti with 450W TDP, 21Gbps memory and a new power connector may launch in January 2022

Recently a rumour surfaced that hints NVIDIA is planning to launch the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Super, but as per the latest reports, it is nothing

USB Cable

USB-IF launches a new version of the USB-C, maximum power delivery up to 240W

Today, USB-IF announced the official launch of the USB PD 3.1 version. In the new version, the USB-C port will be able to transmit a


BBK Electronics, the uncrowned king of Smartphone Market.

Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus, and Iqoo are all subsidiaries of Dongguan-based BBK Electronics. But, to the world, BBK is nearly an unknown name. So what


What is CSAM? Why Apple is facing criticism due to CSAM? Explained

Three weeks ago Apple had announced the roadmap for the three changes, it will be implementing this year. The announcement includes three updates that will

Mobiles Technology

OPPO’s magnetic flash charging technology unveiled called MagVOOC, supporting 20W and 40W wireless charging

OPPO unveiled its MagVOOC magnetic flash charging technology at the China International Smart Industry Expo 2021. Oppo introduce three concept products that are “MagVOOC magnetic

Tesla Bot
Robot Technology

Tesla announces humanoid robot called “Tesla Bot”, prototype to be built by next year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced humanoid robots during the company’s AI event on Thursday. Tesla unveiled a humanoid called the “Tesla Bot”, it will use

Oppo UDC

Oppo introduce continuous optical zoom, five-axis motion image stabilization and more at Future Imaging technology

OPPO held a future imaging technology conference to share the latest content in imaging. OPPO said that there are three requirements for image based on

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