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Android Mobiles OS

Android 13 will have the option to run game faster!

It’s very good to feature a small app loading time on a smartphone because that looks very good to the eyes and it’ll definitely do

Android OS

Android Auto’s new UI design has been leaked!

For a smart world, Auto Mobile is necessary and it’s not easy to be hold up. Today we have a new look to Google’s future

Android Mobiles OS

Google Pixel 6A official coloring attempt picture leaked!

Few years back, Google was used to release their smartphone like very commonly and similarly compared to this year’s Pixel 6 series. Most of us

Android Mobiles Redmi

Redmi smart TV launching along with Redmi note 11 and 11s next month.

The Redmi Note 11 series of smartphones is launching on February 9th in India. Aside from the smartphones, the brand has revealed its Redmi Smart Band Pro,

Android OS

Google is updating their search bar location and message features!

In 2022, seems like Google is working on UI elements and some tweaks. Since Android 12 launched, some of the UI tweaks. Well, there being

Android Mobiles

Oppo Foldable smartphone is coming.

2022 is a foldable year. We already know why foldable phones exist. That’s why some of the smartphone brands are actually looking forward to it.

Android Mobiles OS

6 years old Fairphone got Android 10 upgrade!

Are you still arguing Iphone’s long software support? Well, this will be very sufficient that how Android is going to be the next level thing.

Android OS

Google is testing redesigned “Related Image” section!

Google is trying to give us a newly designed interface when they talk about Android 12’s “Material You” custom theme, which looks very promising. Who

Android Mobiles OS

Google Pixel 6A may feature Tensor chipset!

Pixel 6 series launching isn’t too old. This year’s two hyped phones- Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launched. Along with that, everyone expects a

Android OS Technology

Various Android Skins based on ANDROID 12

After 8 months of testing and bug fixing, finally Google had released the most awaited 12th edition of Android i.e. Android Snow Cone, popularly known

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