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The Chinese display manufacturer BOE already has a reputation for making LCD displays.

In its continuation, they beat LG in terms of making LCD displays the year before.

BOE Displays.

Now that everything is shifting to OLED screen, BOE has another chance to do something. Well, according to display maker BOE, they have shipped more than 40 million flexible OLED panels. Because, now the demand for OLED panels is high.

And the BOE has a big manufacturing lot and they are doing very well. However, this calculation is for Q21 and Q2 of 2021.

BOE company logo.

Yet the number of 40 million flexible OLED panels is huge. Although OLED panel supply started its journey in 2016, it has increased significantly.

They have also completed deals with some of the major electronic brands since 2016, but they are also planning to launch several more series of their products.


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