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Since a very long time ago, it has been rumoured about Apple AR/VR. Now once again, Apple’s mixed-reality headset has again been rumoured to feature advanced micro OLED displays, as per Korea’s ET News reports. Micro-OLED displays are built directly on the chip wafer, rather than on a glass substrate, which makes the display thinner, smaller and more power-efficient. They allow pixel sizes between 4 and 20 microns, compared to 40 to 300 microns for standard OLED panels, Micro-OLED displays have faster microsecond response times, making them more suitable for augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) applications.

Apple AR/VR | Image Credit – LetsGoDigital

ET News says Apple’s Micro-OLED displays will be supplied by TSMC, which has partnered with TSMC to develop “super-advanced” Micro-OLED displays for “upcoming AR devices” at a secret facility in Taiwan. On the other hand, other reports from Japan and display analyst Ross Young have been claiming that Apple will use Sony’s Micro-OLED displays.

Apple AR/VR | Image Credit – LetsGoDigital

According to Ross Young, Apple’s headset will feature two Sony Micro-OLED displays and an AMOLED panel. The Micro-OLED display will be the main display of the headset, but the specific purpose of the AMOLED display is unknown at this time. VR headsets don’t use AMOLED technology because its pixel density is too low, so Apple could potentially use it for low-resolution peripheral vision or the outside of the device.

Apple AR
Apple AR/VR | Image Credit – LetsGoDigital

In addition, ET News claims that Samsung is planning to launch an AR device with “holographic” technology and an Exynos chip. It was previously reported that Samsung is lagging in AR and VR devices, in part due to Samsung’s “obsession” with foldable devices. According to sources, Samsung is working with Microsoft and DigiLens on its AR device, which has entered the prototype stage.

Image : LetsGoDigital

Source : ET News, DSCC Ross (Twitter)


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