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We have been seeing the hype of Apple car for a long time. Why not hype?

Apple is going to add such a big product line in the main product sector after a long time.  For now, we have leaked that Apple has tied up with Japanese car company Toyota for mass production of their upcoming cars.

In my opinion, we are still thinking that Apple’s product means something expensive. But is it really so?

Yes, but very little. One of the reasons behind Apple’s product being expensive is its sustainability and product management. They work very well so that even in the long run a product lineup performs better than other competitions. Apple cars are no exception. It will also be expensive but will be considered quite comparable among us from the competitive stage.

Apple has always been reluctant to share their internal stuff.  According to Bloomberg, this news is actually true.  In 2019, Elon Musk officially introduced Autopilot Driving to us, and Apple INC has added the director (software) of the Autopilot program to our Apple Car team.

After Tesla officially introduced the autopilot Mos in 2019, there was a lot of hype surrounding this technology. At the same time leads to sales and demand for different models of Tesla. The main hand behind which is basically their auto pilot sector team. And since Apple is ready to bring some “extra better” products, they will always give priority to the head of that team.

Apple hires Tesla autopilot director!

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