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For a smart world, Auto Mobile is necessary and it’s not easy to be hold up. Today we have a new look to Google’s future Android Auto UI design.

Leaked UI design.

According to past few UI versions and designs, those look very dramatic like we are using some old version f a software. But, now Google is solving, they are focusing on designs and UI content. As their Android 12’s UI design and the theming engine was so popular they are decided to implement that kind of UI design to their Android Auto UI though it’s good but, it could take many time to be a habit of using. Code name- CoolWalk.

It also has the support for using Sim network and the big home bar.

Leaked Ui design.

Although the UI design actually looks very pretty and clear to a note for how Google can reduce their complaint simple UI design to this.

Leaked UI design

Still you have the access as the same like past versions of Android Auto such as, Music control, dialing keypad number and control of the both cameras. Also you have the option to see the current time and different music streaming app controls like Spotify and Deezer.


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