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It’s very good to feature a small app loading time on a smartphone because that looks very good to the eyes and it’ll definitely do the great competetion with the competitor. Though, Google had introduced their own silicon last year, but this year, they are planning to tweak the Android 13 first.

From Android Anylist, Mishaal Rahman, he tweets Android 13 may bag a feature that can run a game faster than previous also it can be load apps with smaller loading time.

The code landing page.

Though, it’s supposed to say, it’s maybe a “Pixel only” feature but yes Android 13 may bag this as a good feature at least.

Android 13 first look from XDA developers.

Talking about Android 13,
Google may release the source code to the tester in mid of this year. Although Google may release Android 13’s preview beta on August or kinda month of that. This is actually late released thing compared to last year’s Android 12.

The features of Android 13 will similar to the Android 13. Because, the UI elements aren't seem to be changed. Although you can get the mighty Material You feature with better colour accuracy according to your wallpaper and your choice.

Though, Android 12 reported to be not as optimized as the previous generation but we can hope Android 13 to be an optimized one.


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