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Are you still arguing Iphone’s long software support?

Well, this will be very sufficient that how Android is going to be the next level thing. You can customize it, and also sideload anything without any Hassel, that’s might not work with mighty “iOS”.

Official tweet.

The fair phone was founded in 2013. But they are something else compared to today’s smartphone brands. They are focused on long-lasting service and good software support.

They tweeted their Fairphone 2’s Android 10 related update. Also, they let us, they are giving three of fair phones a major android upgrade. And now Fairphone 2 is in Android 10 Beta build also Fairphone 3 and 3+ will get Android 11 update later this week.

For an Android smartphone this should be a learning thing for other smartphone brands how they manage it to give.

Also Fairphone 2 is overall a good smartphone at that time. Because it is packed with Snapdragon 801, 2GB of ram, and 32GB of storage. Yes, we’re talking about 2015’s smartphones. And it’s been 6years of updates.


Fardin Islam


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